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A Family Mediation Lawyer Located in Highland Park, IL Serving Lake County, Cook County and the Surrounding Counties

Litigation is not always the best choice. lsfl attorneys tailor their approach to meet your goals. Work with attorneys that are certified mediators and experts in Alternative Dispute Resolution strategies that yield results outside of the court room.

Lake Shore Family Law is the home of experienced family mediation lawyers located in Highland Park, IL, serving Lake County, Cook County, and the surrounding counties. The firm is dedicated to helping families navigate the divorce process and reach mutually beneficial agreements through mediation.

A Mediation Lawyer You Can Count On

While our attorneys are experts in trial and litigation, one of the central beliefs of LSFL is that an amicable resolution in family related matters leaves individuals feeling more satisfied with their outcomes. To that end, our attorneys often attempt Alternative Dispute Resolution strategies before resorting to litigation, which is often costly and stressful.

Mediation is a process by which individuals meet with a neutral third party to try to resolve issues. Mediation can be assisted by attorneys, or individuals can engage in this process without their attorneys. At mediation, individuals can attempt to resolve their family law matter in its entirety, or they can try to reach an agreement on singular issues at a time. For example, as part of a divorce action, clients can mediate only children related issues, and then choose to defer to the Judge and litigation for financial issues.

LSFL’s attorneys are certified mediators so they bring their expert understanding of judicial outcomes to the negotiation table. Ann and Megan have insightful understanding of the mediation process which, on one hand, enable them to prepare their clients for productive mediation negotiations all while protecting their interests. On the other hand, Ann and Megan’s knowledge and training allow them to conduct fruitful and pragmatic mediation sessions which yield reasonable and mutually satisfactory results.

Attorneys at LSFL are also members of Collaborative Divorce Illinois and employ many other insights and strategies towards alternative dispute resolution. No matter which approach you choose to resolve your family law matter, trust that with LSFL you will have an advocate on your side that can expertly adapt to any context to achieve your goals and protect your interests.

Experience a Smooth Family Mediation

Lake Shore Family Law is committed to helping families find solutions that work for them. Whether it’s through mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods, the firm’s goal is to help families move forward with their lives in a positive way. The firm serves clients in and around Highland Park, IL, and the surrounding counties.